Solar Panel Cleaning

All Around Property Cleaning Ltd have partnered with Clean Solar Solutions Ltd to provide professional solar panel cleaning

All types of solar panels benefit from solar panel cleaning, including so-called 'self-cleaning' solar panels. All Around Property Cleaning Ltd offer a solar panel cleaning service in partnership with the UK's leading solar panel cleaning company Clean Solar Solutions Ltd.  They have cleaned over 115,000 solar panels to date and are pioneers for solar panel cleaning in the UK.

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Why Do You Need Solar Panel Cleaning?

Experts agree that dirty solar panels don't produce as much electricity as clean solar panels. The highly-respected National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded that dirty solar panels lose up to 25% of their output. In other countries, it has become standard to carry out solar panel cleaning every 6 months. Some solar panel fitters are making solar panel cleaning a condition of their warranty. They now want written proof of regular professional solar panel cleaning in order to keep the warranty valid.

Solar panels react similarly to Velux windows. If left uncleaned, they will quickly become dusty, grimy, block out sunlight and eventually go green. Blocking out sunlight on your solar panels is a crazy idea. The claimed efficiency figures for your solar panels are based on pristine solar panels. To maximise your gains from the FIT's, you need clean solar panels.Therefore, solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maximising your return.

Google's Own Solar Panel Cleaning Research

Google has 1.6 MW of solar panels in California. Research done by Google, proved that dirty solar panels impacted on their performance. Google then experimented with solar panel cleaning to see if it was worthwhile. Google found that their solar panel output doubled on many of their clean solar panels. Eight months later, Google had their solar panels cleaned again. This time their solar panels increased their efficiency again by 32%. Google found that after solar panel cleaning, every panel increased output by at least 12%.

How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost?

PLEASE BEWARE OF OVERPAYING FOR SOLAR PANEL CLEANING. With solar panel cleaning being such a new industry in the UK, it seems some unscrupulous people are keen to capitalise. We have reached our price structure with the help of Clean Solar Solutions Ltd. We know through experience that our price structure is correct and represents value for money for our customers. As each solar panel site is different, we cannot offer blanket prices for our solar panel cleaning. We offer a custom price for each site. We are happy to explain our prices in more detail when we come out to look at your solar panels. The cost of solar panel cleaning will not outweigh the financial rewards that solar panel cleaning will bring. 

Why Use Clean Solar Solutions Ltd And Not Your Window Cleaner?

Yes, they have invested heavily in solar panel cleaning tools and equipment.  They are the only company in the UK to offer an automated solar panel cleaning system on large-scale solar farms. In some cases, window cleaners have started using their water-fed poles for solar panel cleaning, but lack the health & safety knowledge needed to clean solar panels safely and some window cleaning equipment will scratch solar panels.  The main reason we have our solar panel cleaning carried out by Clean Solar Solutions Ltd is because of the health and safety requirements needed for solar panel cleaning.  With partnerships in place with clients such as British Gas Solar, we know their health and safety is up to the required standard.  Clean Solar Solutions Ltd hold specific solar panel cleaning insurance, which many window cleaners do not. They also have a valid cherry-picker licence which allows them to safely carry out solar panel cleaning on roofs up to a height of 140ft or 45 metres. 

To arrange a FREE no obligation site survey for your solar panel cleaning, please visit their Contact page.